Our Venturer's!!!


Hailey !!

Hailey is our very talented youth prime minister. Hailey wants to become a nurse. She is an easy going, fun, young lady who loves MedVents because she likes meeting new people and making memories at camps. Hailey has her Standard First Aid level C CPR.



Jess is a fun, easy going person who loves playing rugby and baseball. She enjoys being in Medvents because she gets to meet new people, go to exciting camps and try new things.  Jess is currently away at school to become a Primary Care Paramedic. Jess is an Advanced Medical First Responder.

 Our Advisors!!


Kim is our shortest advisor, weighing in at 5' 2". She is our only female advisor and has fun doing it as well. Kim loves coming to camps with 1st Oxford MedVents because she saids we are such a blast of fun. Kim is like a big sister to the youth of 1st Oxford MedVents. She loves to go hiking (even if she needs first aid almost every time). To reach Kim please email her at kim.cripps@rogers.com. 


David "Dave" is our oldest advisor, but you wouldn't be able to tell by how active he is! David loves going hiking, and rock climbing. David is probably the most knowledgable about how to go camping and doing it the right way that we have ever had the honor of knowing. He is an easy to get along with kind of guy who loves to laugh and hang out. To reach David please email him at dwrig2551@gmail.com


Ryan is our medical advisor. He teachs us all about the medical world and is also a paramedic for Oxford County EMS. Ryan is the youngest advisor we have. Ryan loves to bring us "coco moo" on special occasions. He is an easy going young man who can be quiet sometimes. To reach Ryan, in case of emergency please call 911 or email him at ryanorton14@gmail.com